I was filling out a self-evaluation form that consisted of a series of adjectives listed in designated columns. One column had the adjective FUN in it.  I wanted so badly to circle the word FUN.  I once told my kids that I used to be so fun before I had them. Because of that statement, I'm sure I will be paying for their therapy appointments but it is true. Back in the day, I constantly laughed and smiled.  I honestly thought I lost my smile and I thought it was because I wasn't having any fun.

But then I came across this positive affirmation: 

Mother Teresa, in sharing her wisdom, helped me realize that smiles are  thoughtful  gifts. Beautiful gifts. 

Mother Teresa, in sharing her wisdom, helped me realize that smiles are thoughtful gifts. Beautiful gifts. 

An opposite post of The Gift of Massage, today's post is all about free thoughtful pinches. Yes - FREE!  No strings attached.  The only thing you'll pay for is Botox because of all the wrinkles you'll get from smiling too much. The card above just reminded me that smiles are the easiest gifts one can give. I'm always on the hunt for good thoughtful pinches and this one fell into my lap. Why hadn't I thought of that until now?

I looked up a bunch of quotes about smiling (there are many) and these are the ones that fit the theme of giving smiles out as little gifts:

Most smiles are started by another smile.
— Frank A. Clark
A warm smile is the universal language of kindness.
— William Arthur Ward
We shall never know all the good that a simple smile can do.
— Mother Teresa
Children learn to smile from their parents.
— Shinichi Suzuki
A smile is the universal welcome.
— Max Eastman

I'm constantly moving along, checking the next item off my list of to-do's.  Living in constant fight or flight mode, I forget to have fun.  I have plenty to smile about.  I just always forget to smile. The cashier at Target is busy scanning items but manages to ask how I am doing.  Since I'm usually checking my phone to make sure I have everything I came for, I answer a half-ass "fine".  If I kept my eyes off my phone for a minute to smile while I answered, I think it would make the cashier's job just a tiny bit better.  I'm not saying I would make their day but I know for a fact that I wouldn't be ruining it. 

A supervisor in my advertising department placed a mirror on her desk right by her phone so that when she was talking, she would be reminded to smile. What a game changer. It's hard not to sound pleasant if you're smiling. Try it.

There are all kinds of smiles. Big ones, little ones. Toothy grins or upper lip curls.  In the case of my son, bottom teeth jutting forward smiles.  Brace-faced or all gums. Whatever smile you have to give, it will be a great gift for people you know, people you don't and people you may never see again.  If you really want to give an even better smile as a gift - learn how to smize. Babies smize without any training or practice - their eyes light up which makes their face perk up and the curve of their mouth adds the final touch (drool and all).  When you know how to smize, you are on the right track of not only looking great while making others feel good, but you have fun smiling. 

I came to the conclusion that lack of fun is not really why I lost my smile.  I just needed a reminder that when I smile I'm giving away a gift. Plus, if I smile, the fun will follow. It's not the other way around. The next time I fill out a self-evaluation sheet and I see the word FUN, I'm circling it for sure!





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