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National Coffee Day

I’m not sure if my dad clued me in by saying, “Let me have my cup of coffee before you ask me anything.” or if my instincts after trial and error were spot on. Either way, it didn’t take me long to figure out that if I wanted something from my dad, I would have to wait until he had his first cup of coffee. At such a young age, I already knew that coffee has an effect on people.


Kids these days do not have any concept of encyclopedias. Why would they? We have Google. We have Siri on our iPhones so now we don’t even have to type inquiries into Google search anymore. And for the ultimate convenience, we have Alexa devices in our homes. Again, this allows us to ask our questions but cell phones do not have to be on our person to do so. We can just call out to Alexa and ask away. As long as we program Alexa to follow our commands, she is there to help us. It’s pretty amazing how far we’ve come from encyclopedias.

Y'all Need Another Gift Guide

I recently asked Jay-Jay to join Thoughtful Pinch as a contributor because she has great taste and she has a passion for finding the perfect gifts for the people on her gift list. While Jay-Jay was coming on board as a thoughtfulness curator, Thoughtful Pinch as a company, was starting to grow and has been picking up momentum. I asked her to be a manager, mostly keeping me from going insane.

Milestone Birthdays

My posse is a bunch of women who are easily 9-15 years younger than me and that’s because I had my children later in life. The current connections I have with my girlfriends began when I became a mother of two. With that said, I’m one of those old timers that could be overheard saying, “Back in my day, I celebrated my 40th birthday by ordering Chinese take out and inviting 20 friends over to my house to drink and celebrate.” Nowadays, gals that turn forty go on a 10 day trip to Mexico or spend the weekend in Nashvegas (that’s Nashville ya’ll).

The Good of Many

Jan, the person I hired to help me organize my time so that I could be more productive in my business, struck a nerve when we last spoke. But before I tell you what she said, I have to tell you about the convo we had prior to my "aha" moment.

I had already met with Jan a few times to tighten up my office "in box", work flow and time schedule so that I could concentrate on taking my business to the next level. {here's the post on my first meeting with Jan} We reviewed my schedule again. She learned that I recently made mixed cds for Mother's Day and asked me how much time it took to make them. I calculated it out loud and she made the observation that I created these thoughtful pinches with my children.