10 Thoughtful Pinch Styles

10 Thoughtful Pinch Styles


The butterfly (Thoughtful Pinch app) is emerging from the cocoon ( Thoughtful Pinch blog).

Join me as I take off - helping to spread thoughtfulness everywhere!

Read below and discover who you are as a thoughtful person.

There are five letters in the word P-I-N-C-H


I have trademarked ten STYLES of thoughtfulness.


You’re someone who shops with complete confidence in your choices. Buying gifts for others is easy-peasy because you are a “Pro.” P can also stand for “Proper.” You’re someone who sticks to the guidelines and gives appropriate gifts. Deviating from what is proper is not in your comfort zone.


You’re someone who is “Influenced” by others who know how to do good gift-giving. If everyone else is buying an item, it just confirms that it’s a thoughtful gift. I can also represent “Insightful.” You’re someone who goes out of your way to give a friend who is on a diet, gifts that won’t sabotage their efforts. Or you’re insightful because you know that if you omit trinkets from the goodie bags, parents won’t have to bring them into their homes.


“Numbers” pertain to the number of dollars you spend for each person, the number of people you give gifts to and the number of times a year you give them gifts. For example: You give $50 gifts to 10 people 2x a year. Those numbers help determine just how thoughtful you can be. N can also stand for “Names.” You’re someone who loves to give gifts that have been monogrammed with the recipient’s name or initials. Plus, name brands - a.k.a. latest trends - fall under the “Names” style of thoughtfulness.


You’re someone who is all in for “Collaborative” group gifts. In fact, you’re so busy that you would pay double not to have to shop for the gift and/or prepare it. Thoughtful in the way that you spend your time is self-care and is regarded as a positive way to give gifts. Another style that begins with C is “Celebratory.” You’re that person who will celebrate every occasion. This means that you are constantly picking up cupcakes or a bottle of wine because you’re always showing up to celebrate!


You’re someone who shows your thoughtfulness by being a “Helper” - a.k.a. “Acts of Service” from The Five Love Languages. You set up the meal trains, you host play dates so a friend can get stuff done and you water plants while pals are on vacation because you love to help. “Hoarder” also starts with the letter H. You’re someone who will buy an item (usually on sale) because you know at some point, it will make a fantastic gift. Then, because timing is everything, you will hold onto the gift until it is the perfect time to give it away.

Have you identified with one or more of these ten descriptions?

Are you a mix of thoughtfulness styles?

No matter what, you’re perfectly normal!

Now is the time for you to own your style(s) and

you shouldn’t worry about being thoughtful in any other way.

Because it is all good.



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