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April 22 Instagram Message: Butterfly seed paper Thoughtful Pinches for Earth Day.

April 22 Instagram Message: Butterfly seed paper Thoughtful Pinches for Earth Day.

April 19 Instagram Message: Bet she didn't even know she was helping me with Earth Day. Hit her up for some Pampered Chef before the 29th (y'all).

April 19 Instagram Message: Bet she didn't even know she was helping me with Earth Day. Hit her up for some Pampered Chef before the 29th (y'all).

I'm usually on my high horse about Earth Day which is this Friday, April 22nd. However, this year not only am I late with getting my thoughtful pinches together but I am feeling super guilty. Since January 2016, my routine has been so wishy-washy that I have not been able to treat Mother Earth as kindly as I have in the past. Even though I made conscious efforts to avoid buying lots of items in plastic containers (water and grocery store take out) it was a challenge not to because I was always on the go. Under the circumstances, I decided to concentrate on the things I COULD control instead of beating myself up about the things I COULD NOT.  Like having to throw away 100% recyclable items in the trash instead of putting them into a recycling bin. I’m pretty sure there's a landfill out there with my name on it. Imagine my guilt. This Earth Day I will plant flowers. I know it won't erase the "convenience spree" I went on the past few months but I need to try to give something back. 

While searching for the teachers' pinches, I found Earthly  Unfortunately, I didn't have time to order from them but for sure, I'm keeping them in mind for future thoughtful opportunities. Because I needed a quicker turnaround, these butterflies would have to do.  I think when we add a note to each pack the teachers will enjoy them.  There are twenty-five butterflies in a pack and I bought one pack from Amazon - it should arrive in a day or two. It's a fun and easy way to grow flowers such as Five Spot, Candytuft, Baby Blue Eyes, Siberian Wallflower, Scarlet Flax, Zinnia, Sweet William Pinks, Corn Poppy, Spurred Snapdragon, Catchfly, English Daisy, Black-eyed Susan and Forget-Me-Nots. Just soak the butterfly overnight, tear it up, plant it under a thin layer of soil and water gently and regularly until the seedlings sprout. Each butterfly is handmade from 100% post-industrial, recycled paper dyed with all-natural, vegetable-based pigment. They are packaged in corn-based packaging and get this, they are made in a solar-powered facility.  Supporting this business is like hitting a trifecta!

I am also going to order pan scrapers from Pampered Chef.  Even though they will not arrive on time to be given out as thoughtful pinches for this Earth Day, I am going to stock up on them because the price point is perfect. This kitchen tool is easy to store (keep it by the sink- it takes up very little space), it gets the junk off the pots and pans and most importantly, it is much better for our Earth than the Brillo pads which do not break down once they are in the landfills.  The scrapers last for a long time and when it's time for a new one, just toss the old one in the recycling bin. Another plus is that I'm supporting my closest cousin Jay-Jay, who is a rep for Pampered Chef. She is donating up to 15% of her sales from April 17-29th in honor of our cousin Pia to our group of walkers for Walk to End Lupus Now .  So it's a win for the Earth, my cousin Jay-Jay and LUPUS.  Another trifecta. I'm sensing a theme here.

My last Earth Day tip is to download the Angry Birds 2 game on your mobile device. Wait, what? Yes, Apple and World Wildlife Fund (WWF) began an initiative called Apps For Earth in May 2015. This year, proceeds from 27 popular apps will go to WWF to help protect the planet.  So if your kids ask to download an app between now and April 24th, let them. You'll be simultaneously helping the Earth and your kids will think they won the lottery. BTW, in case you didn't know already, Apple is so freakin' earth-friendly that 93% of their facilities run on renewable energy and since WWF protects forests in China, Apple chooses to use materials from their forests for their product packaging.  And if that's not enough, Apple wants their new headquarters to be powered by a 1,300 acre solar farm. As cheesy as it sounds, if you do business with Apple - you pretty much win a tree-hugger trifecta. 

So if you're like me and you've fallen off the horse (and wagon) with the recycling, reducing and reusing, remember there are many ways, unconventionally and traditionally, that we can all do to keep the Earth lovely.  Supporting the companies and people who go above and beyond to practice sustainability and who makes conscious efforts is another form of "saving the Earth". If you are aware of this, then you are helping. So pat yourself on the back - you've got this.



P.S. All this talk about horses and trifectas you would think I was writing about The Derby. Soon. very soon. 

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