A Lucky Day

St. Patrick's Day is coming up and I have two dependable Thoughtful Pinches. The first one is easy and fun.  I have been giving out lottery tickets to teachers on or around St. Patrick's Day for years.  Everyone hopes to get lucky on this day whether you are Irish or not.  Lottery tickets are super easy to pick up, they cost a dollar (no tax) and no level of "craft skills" is necessary - you can just hand the ticket over and watch the smile go from ear to ear. 


I dress up my tickets because that is the fun part for me. But no pressure, this is just easy and fun. This year I am using a cute clear plastic bag (Yellowpinwheels), some St. Patrick's Day themed stickers (Dollar Tree) and a tag with the name of the recipient written in gold (pen from Brown Ink) and who it's from - The Patons. I always attach a little note that says, “May the luck o’the Irish help you win big today” or “Dance the Irish Jig if you win big!” or my favorite, “May your pot o’gold be found with a scratch of this ticket!”  Suddenly the $1 ticket seems a little warmer, right? 

I love when a teacher wins money and is excited to tell me about it.  That's the beauty of this gesture of thanks.  If they win, it's wonderful and if they don't win, well at least they had a chance to win. You gave them a CHANCE to win.  You're welcome. 

The second Irish themed Thoughtful Pinch is coming next week. 



Slainte! - An Irish toast to health