It's Happening!

I wrote a blog post years ago entitled Epic Party.  Well, guess what.  It's happening! It's happening!! On August 28, 2018, I am throwing an epic party.  Happy Birthday to me!!! It's not epic in the sense that I'm flying in DJ Khaled and A-List Celebs. But celebrating my birthday and introducing Thoughtful Pinch to my friends simultaneously is EPIC to me.  I invited 130+ friends to celebrate. The decision to host two parties on the same day stems from me wanting to maximize the amount of friends who can join me.  I was tired of my birthday celebration always taking the back seat to the First Day of School and the Labor Day vacationers.  


If friends come to the morning celebration - they can have juice or coffee and grab a deliciously light breakfast option from Wholesum Kitchen , which by the way, originated as a food truck.  Or if friends come for the evening celebration,  Twin Cities Paella will have a live station where they will cook and serve paella and sangrias. Some may try to come to both events and I encourage it!  The Paperless Post invitation also indicated that in lieu of gifts, guests should bring $10 for Thoughtful Pinch.   I believe this is the best way to have a hands-on experience and see in person, what I am trying to do with my business. I'm excited!!

Thoughtful Pinch has taken on more ways to spread thoughtfulness. Let's face it - reading blogs is hard to do - even if you like reading them.  Hosting this party allows me to directly ask for support from my friends because that's what friends are for, right?  I need help in spreading the word about the need for Thoughtfulness Curators.  What I do is help those who want to let their “village” i.e. family, friends, the hair stylist, dog walker, teacher, barista, office assistant, nanny, neighbor,  etc. know that they are being thought of and appreciated. We pay housekeepers, wardrobe stylists, home decor stylists, personal trainers, Uber drivers, dog walkers etc.  So yes, we can pay someone to be thoughtful for us.  There is nothing wrong with that at all.  Awareness and thoughtfulness go hand in hand.  

How can I help?  

1. I write a blog and post it on Thoughtful Pinch every Tuesday. I haven’t missed a Tuesday since March 3, 2015. The blog is written so that you can log on and read it anytime because it’s not written in continuous dialogue. When you need some inspiration, type in keywords like “teacher gifts” and the related posts will pop up. I differ from Pinterest because my inspiration is not in the final product, rather my inspiration is in the story that backs up WHY the gifts are thoughtful

2. You can subscribe to the monthly Thoughtful Pinch Podcast. For the first year I will charge $2.99/month. The podcast will consist of tips and interviews. I anticipate October 2018 as the first month of the podcasts. 

3. Come over to my house for a “Dinner/Get Shit Done” party which will be held quarterly.  The cost will be $99 per person plus the cost of all materials.  Dinner and drinks are included and you will leave with your thoughtful pinches all assembled and ready to distribute. 

4. Hire me to come interview you. Once we discover what type of Thoughtful Pincher* you are, I will get your pinches for you so you don’t have to.  The first hour is $120 and $60/per hour after. 

I can't wait to share all of the above plus let everyone know that I am also working hard to team up with a large retailer and social media to bring my vision to many shoppers all over the country. And last but not least, even though my kids say my "merch" is old-fashioned, I am pretty proud of the two products that I am going to sell as merchandise. 

This is why I need to feed people while they hear all about my business - there is a lot going on.  It's happening! It's happening!



*Thoughtful Pincher types are outlined in a simple, easy-to-read guide which consists of ten adjectives that pertain to thoughtfulness. In the works of trademarking the outline. I know! I'm busy!

I'm here. You're there.

I'm here. You're there.

First Day of School

First Day of School