Instagram Message: My cousin Cherry Pie. What's the next Apple story? Check out my blog for two opportunities to get in at the beginning. Hurry, they close on 10/7 and 10/10.

Instagram Message: My cousin Cherry Pie. What's the next Apple story? Check out my blog for two opportunities to get in at the beginning. Hurry, they close on 10/7 and 10/10.

I have a cousin who worked for Apple right out of school and was given stock as part of her compensation.  It’s one of those “if she had a crystal ball, she’d be rich” kind of stories.  She was tight on money so she sold her shares and well, you know the rest.

Facebook is another one of those stories. I’m probably the only one who didn’t see any of the Facebook movies but I’ve read about the start up and I still cannot decide what is the real story.  However, I can guess that the guys who got in at the beginning of Facebook have been cha-ching, doing well ever since. 

I'm a pretty skeptical person when it comes to being “sold” so I make a horrible sales person. Hence, my short-lived career in sales for a TV station in Miami.  Instead of selling you something I am going to share a thoughtful pinch with you.  I hope that if you like free apps, if nothing else, this may appeal to you.  The app is called United Games but it hasn’t launched yet. There is an opportunity to get in BEFORE it launches. {edited to inform that this opportunity no longer exists as of 10/11/16}.  I don’t know for sure what impact this app could make in the sporting world but the concept to play along in real time is fantastic.  What if this is another Facebook phenomenon?  If you haven’t already heard of this before and are interested click on the links here: {edited on 10/10/16 to erase the links for legal purposes, the offers to become an affiliate no longer apply. Sorry!}

How I got wind of this app is via Jeremy Cowart.  My brother, the photographer, is a big fan and has turned me onto him.  You may remember, I have mentioned Jeremy before in a previous post. During the middle of his huge push for The Purpose Hotel, Jeremy decided to put out a private video in support of the United Games app.  And because my brother was interested, he passed it along to me.  Right off the bat, it sounded like a pyramid scam and I did not want any part in pyramids. But I thought about Jeremy helping so many people and I couldn’t imagine him leading us in the wrong direction with a lemon of a business. Jeremy and his wife have two biological children and two adopted children from Haiti so my gut tells me research and precaution were a big part in making the decision to become an affiliate.

Jeremy says, “Don’t just aim for greatness. Aim to use greatness to serve a greater purpose." Which is why he is behind the Voices of Haiti, the Voices of Reconciliation in Rwanda, Help Portrait, Life Finder, See University and which funds art therapy for children. I’ve watched his video at least 8 times and every time I do, I’m overwhelmed with the goodness that he has contributed to our world so far.  Oh BTW he has photographed all the big names in between Sting, Taylor Swift, Obama on his first day of office and the Pope on his first visit to the US. You know, the lightweights. 

Before October 10, 2016 - if you know someone who is a sports junkie - not just Fantasy Football - all kinds of sports - send them a thoughtful pinch.  Forward the links to the videos above. {again, edited to remove the links} You never know, they may be interested in being an affiliate {no longer an option as of 10/11/16}. I'm here if you need the hook up.

Before October 7, 2016 by 9pm CDT- send the link to The Purpose Hotel to any of your friends and family who are into supporting non-profits and people in need.  Jeremy is in the second phase of a Kickstarter program which will close on 10/7.  It is an amazing global concept that is THOUGHTFUL in every way.  The entire hotel is tied to an organization or non-profit that benefits those who are need. While enjoying your stay at this hotel, it helps many others - making a difference in the lives of others while you sleep.  Those who can help have this incredible bridge to those who are in need of help. And who knows? This could be the next Apple story.  For two birthday celebrants, I sent each a check in the amount I was going to use to buy their gifts.  I told them to use the money towards The Purpose Hotel. Now they are both backers in a concept that will change the way people help others. It is literally the thoughtful pinch that keeps on giving. 

For me to watch something over and over is very rare. I just don't have the time.  The reason why I have watched Jeremy Cowart's video repeatedly is because he demonstrates thoughtfulness in so many shapes and sizes that I keep hoping some of it will rub off on me with each viewing.  In fact, I caught something on the video today that I did not hear the other seven times. Jeremy quotes Frederick Buechner, “Purpose is where your deep gladness meets the world’s needs.”  Kinda like Apple and Facebook. 




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