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The Story Behind the App

Ok, I saw the pinch on the app and I read your texts to get what happened but I still sent the notification to the dev to see why. But my guess is the capacity to post or share a post isn’t part of the pinch field so you may just have to pinch the person w/o giving all the details of why they need it. I know that’s not very helpful and you seemed to get around the issue bc you created a pinch but for now, it’s photo, title and comment. I’ve made a note for consideration for revisions. Thanks Tom! 


I recently shared that my one and only New Year’s resolution for 2019 is to forgive. To clarify, I am not asking for forgiveness from anyone (even though I should); it’s me who will be forgiving others. I made the resolution before I realized how complicated it is to forgive. From January 1, 2019 to this date, I haven’t forgiven anyone for anything. I tell myself that it’s perfectly fine that I haven’t started forgiving because resolutions are not about instant change.  But really, I’m just a procrastinator.

Text Pinches

Do you ever get text messages that make you squint because you are trying to figure out what the sender is trying to say?  Not just because of an auto correct mistake but because the text is cryptic.  

I receive messages from three people that never EVER send a text without a typo or mistake. Even if the text only contains three words - at least one word out of the three is either autocorrected into a wrong word -"Happy Be-Latex Birthday", the wrong version of the word - "We're partying their" and/or misspelled - "I Loe u." 

The Good of Many

Jan, the person I hired to help me organize my time so that I could be more productive in my business, struck a nerve when we last spoke. But before I tell you what she said, I have to tell you about the convo we had prior to my "aha" moment.

I had already met with Jan a few times to tighten up my office "in box", work flow and time schedule so that I could concentrate on taking my business to the next level. {here's the post on my first meeting with Jan} We reviewed my schedule again. She learned that I recently made mixed cds for Mother's Day and asked me how much time it took to make them. I calculated it out loud and she made the observation that I created these thoughtful pinches with my children.