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Kids these days do not have any concept of encyclopedias. Why would they? We have Google. We have Siri on our iPhones so now we don’t even have to type inquiries into Google search anymore. And for the ultimate convenience, we have Alexa devices in our homes. Again, this allows us to ask our questions but cell phones do not have to be on our person to do so. We can just call out to Alexa and ask away. As long as we program Alexa to follow our commands, she is there to help us. It’s pretty amazing how far we’ve come from encyclopedias.


When I was in my twenties I thought fifty was REALLY old. Rightly so! My twenty year old self had not gone thru multiple times barfing up “over-served” tequila and the awkward break ups and the whole roller coaster of finding a career that really fit my “calling”. So I agree, I am old - the thirty year difference between a 20 and 50 yr old is a lot of years.

The App Is Here!

Let’s say you run over to Target (cough, marketing opportunity, cough) to get shampoo, dog food and paper towels. You’re cruising down the aisles with the shopping cart but stop to put in a pair of running shorts and a cute tankini. You continue to rush around the store but a set of hand towels catches your eye. The towels have succulents and cactus graphics on them. Your cousin Rochelle would absolutely love those towels so you check the price. It’s $8.00 for the set. Great price but you‘re on a budget and can’t afford to buy her gifts every time you think of her.

National Scavenger Hunt Day

I recently went to Nashville, the new Vegas (Nashvegas), and I quickly learned why it’s a popular destination. It’s a haven for hosting bachelor(ette) parties or celebrating milestone birthdays. Seeing the bride-to-be’s and their entourages reminded me of the days that I too, was one of the girls showing up in a herd contributing to the memories of the last days of freedom for my girlfriend(s). I wondered if any of the bachelors, bachelorettes, 21st, 30th , 40th or 50th birthday celebrants were on a Nashville scavenger hunt?

Honestly, Girlfriend.

Early on in my relationship with the hub, he said something that I will never forget. We were at a party or a bar - somewhere where drinking was taking place - and a group of women walked in.  One woman was wearing an outfit that she shouldn’t have worn because she was spilling out of her top and skirt. The hub (boyfriend at the time) asked, “Who lied to her?”  I was confused. What was he talking about?  He clarified: When she was getting ready to go out for the night she must have asked her friends how she looked.  Someone lied to her when they said that she looked good.

5 Dog Pinches You'll Want

It’s the very last day of December and I’m looking at a section in the mudroom. For those who don’t need a mudroom in your home - consider yourself lucky.  Our mudroom is the space between our garage and our kitchen and in the winter, we hang all sorts of jackets and we stuff our hats, gloves and scarfs in rows of drawers. You can find boots under benches which are there to sit on while you put on said items. This same room is where we keep our washer and dryer and there is also a sink and a hamper.

Y'all Need Another Gift Guide

I recently asked Jay-Jay to join Thoughtful Pinch as a contributor because she has great taste and she has a passion for finding the perfect gifts for the people on her gift list. While Jay-Jay was coming on board as a thoughtfulness curator, Thoughtful Pinch as a company, was starting to grow and has been picking up momentum. I asked her to be a manager, mostly keeping me from going insane.

It's Fall Y'all

I’ve mentioned before that I’m very lucky to have the support of some pretty darn talented Pellicer cousins. It’s time to introduce you to my cousin Jay-Jay, the gift-giving goddess herself. She will be collaborating with me on Thoughtful Pinch and all I can say is, “Hallelujah!” She’s been a Pro* at giving gifts for at least 35 years and fortunately for me, I have been on the receiving end of awesome thoughtful pinches for ALL THOSE YEARS!