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Y'all Need Another Gift Guide

I recently asked Jay-Jay to join Thoughtful Pinch as a contributor because she has great taste and she has a passion for finding the perfect gifts for the people on her gift list. While Jay-Jay was coming on board as a thoughtfulness curator, Thoughtful Pinch as a company, was starting to grow and has been picking up momentum. I asked her to be a manager, mostly keeping me from going insane.

Avocado Day

We were on our second date having breakfast at a restaurant when I knew the hub could be "the one".  We both ordered dry toast with a side of avocado with our meal. I thought I was the only one who ate toast that way! That was over twenty-two years ago!  Nowadays restaurants charge an arm and leg for Avocado on Toast and it's the main dish - not a side. Well, it's worth the money.  There's nothing like it.