When I celebrated Thoughtful Pinch’s fourth anniversary on 3/3/19, it started a conversation about anniversaries with my brother. He is approaching his tenth year as a professional photographer and was reflecting on his career.

Honestly, Girlfriend.

Early on in my relationship with the hub, he said something that I will never forget. We were at a party or a bar - somewhere where drinking was taking place - and a group of women walked in.  One woman was wearing an outfit that she shouldn’t have worn because she was spilling out of her top and skirt. The hub (boyfriend at the time) asked, “Who lied to her?”  I was confused. What was he talking about?  He clarified: When she was getting ready to go out for the night she must have asked her friends how she looked.  Someone lied to her when they said that she looked good.


I recently shared that my one and only New Year’s resolution for 2019 is to forgive. To clarify, I am not asking for forgiveness from anyone (even though I should); it’s me who will be forgiving others. I made the resolution before I realized how complicated it is to forgive. From January 1, 2019 to this date, I haven’t forgiven anyone for anything. I tell myself that it’s perfectly fine that I haven’t started forgiving because resolutions are not about instant change.  But really, I’m just a procrastinator.

Now What?

Ok, it’s the new year. I’m organized. I’m well-rested. I am ready to face 2019. As for resolutions, I made one and I also made three daily goals. Rather than getting into why I chose “Forgive” as my one and only NY resolution, I thought it was way more important to talk about what we do with all the gift cards we received over the holidays first. I mean, priorities.

5 Dog Pinches You'll Want

It’s the very last day of December and I’m looking at a section in the mudroom. For those who don’t need a mudroom in your home - consider yourself lucky.  Our mudroom is the space between our garage and our kitchen and in the winter, we hang all sorts of jackets and we stuff our hats, gloves and scarfs in rows of drawers. You can find boots under benches which are there to sit on while you put on said items. This same room is where we keep our washer and dryer and there is also a sink and a hamper.