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The Story Behind the App

Ok, I saw the pinch on the app and I read your texts to get what happened but I still sent the notification to the dev to see why. But my guess is the capacity to post or share a post isn’t part of the pinch field so you may just have to pinch the person w/o giving all the details of why they need it. I know that’s not very helpful and you seemed to get around the issue bc you created a pinch but for now, it’s photo, title and comment. I’ve made a note for consideration for revisions. Thanks Tom! 

Sorry, Not Sorry

In my book, there are two sets of people that should be completely excused from sending thank you cards after they receive gifts.  The first set, is any woman that just gave birth or adopted a baby or child. I don't care if it's her 10th child, no woman who has a new child should have to write a formal thank card for a baby gift.  Ain't nobody got time for that.  The second set of people who shouldn't be expected to write thank you cards are the ones who have lost a loved one. No further explanation necessary.