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Now What?

Ok, it’s the new year. I’m organized. I’m well-rested. I am ready to face 2019. As for resolutions, I made one and I also made three daily goals. Rather than getting into why I chose “Forgive” as my one and only NY resolution, I thought it was way more important to talk about what we do with all the gift cards we received over the holidays first. I mean, priorities.

5 Dog Pinches You'll Want

It’s the very last day of December and I’m looking at a section in the mudroom. For those who don’t need a mudroom in your home - consider yourself lucky.  Our mudroom is the space between our garage and our kitchen and in the winter, we hang all sorts of jackets and we stuff our hats, gloves and scarfs in rows of drawers. You can find boots under benches which are there to sit on while you put on said items. This same room is where we keep our washer and dryer and there is also a sink and a hamper.

Sorry, Not Sorry

In my book, there are two sets of people that should be completely excused from sending thank you cards after they receive gifts.  The first set, is any woman that just gave birth or adopted a baby or child. I don't care if it's her 10th child, no woman who has a new child should have to write a formal thank card for a baby gift.  Ain't nobody got time for that.  The second set of people who shouldn't be expected to write thank you cards are the ones who have lost a loved one. No further explanation necessary.

Sweet and Sour

On Saturday, September 22, 2018 I did one of the hardest things I have ever done. I put my dog down. He wasn’t so sick that euthanizing was the only option. On the contrary, he was still gladly shaking his paw and giving us kisses to earn his treats up until the very minute he was put to sleep. Bruin would have been fourteen years old on September 30th.

First Day of School

I left my girlfriends in Sun Valley, ID today in order to make it back in time to tuck my kids into bed on the eve of their first day of school.  I know that there will be many first days of school but missing the first day of school for my kids wasn’t an option for me. My son doesn’t like school very much. In fact, he hates school.